How to woo girls!

How to drive a girl crazy by Chatting online?

Online chatting has its restrictions: 
– Expressions. 
– Persuasion powers, which are explicit in verbal form. 
– Speed. 
– Reading her expressions. 
– Giving her time to think, which often times, leads to reluctance from the girl’s side. (in case she  has to give her number, or a private detail)

Good things about chatting:

Benefits:- You are able to say things, you can’t face-to-face. 
– You get time to think, and reply. 
– You can form the best reply.
– You can search something quickly on another window, and pretend you know about that certain stuff.

But how to leave the best impression by chatting?
Certainly, I do not support chatting in the wooing game. It’s too much restricted, and wooing involves playing with a girl’s mind – which also means that you don’t give her extra time to think and reply.
Chatting is fine, but it should only be your first step. Try to take your conversation to a further level – verbal. That is all chatting should be about.  Anyway, how to chat in an awesome manner?
1) Always know the questions. 
Chat should not stop. Try to think in your mind that she is not only chatting with you, let’s suppose she is chatting with three guys at the same time, and she would chat the most with the one who is most interesting.
That should be your thought.

2) Know your topics. 
You can either be personal, or non-personal. Most guys don’t talk about personal stuff with girls as they think it’s too soon, or maybe the relationship isn’t that close enough currently.
Stop thinking like that. The only reason why you’re thinking like that is because you care that if she won’t get hurt or might get repelled by your questions. If you want to get an upper hand, try to know more and more about her life. WHY? 
Because not only it will make you better friends, it will automatically give you a LOT of personal topics you both can discuss and talk about. Secondly, she won’t even be bored of it because it’s basically her life.

3) Set the boundaries of the relationship. 
If you have only recently started to chat with a girl, and it is too soon to say – that we are best friends, or ‘oh, we are so close now!’ You can use humor, but set the limits, which is a very important thing to do.
Let’s assume, you have had a brilliant chat with her, and you know somehow that you have become friends. How to insinuate the fact?
Guy: So, how many best friends do you have?
Girl: (she would think and give you a reply. The reply doesn’t matter)

Guy: And whose your best male friend?
Girl: (some names.. or no names)

Guy: And the best female friend?
Girl: (again, names …)

Guy: What? I was so expecting you’d say that I am your best female friend.
(Weird answer, I know. But NOTICE: You’re indirectly setting your relationship status to being her BEST friend, without her even noticing that. You cover it with a weird way.)
After that, you can make it a thing. Whenever she is being reluctant to share anything, just remind her: “Hey, I am your best female friend, don’t forget!”
4) Humor is the key.
Imagine what you have to impress a girl with while chatting? Nothing except for humor and your knowledge. Knowledge in the first few times of chatting, becomes kind of showy (depends upon girls). But humor works for everyone.
If you’re not funny. Do you homework.  
– Select some topics. 
– Get awesome jokes on them.
– Discuss those topics and make her life, by using the jokes in the conversational manner.
(This is only an example.)


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