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Brad Pit Punched in Face By Random Man at Maleficent Premiere

Not the face! Brad Pitt was punched by a random man on the red carpet at the premiere of Angelina Jolie’s film Maleficent on Wednesday, May 28, a source tells Us Weekly.

Pitt was at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood for the premiere of the Disney film when a man suddenly jumped the barrier and ran up to the 12 Years a Slave actor while he was walking down the carpet.

The man then made contact with Pitt’s face before police intervened. 

According to TMZ, the attacker is currently being detained by LAPD and will be booked for misdemeanor battery. 

It’s unclear where Jolie was in relation to Pitt at the time.

An eye witness tells US when Pitt left the premiere, “he did seem a little tense” and was “trying to shepherd his kids through the lobby and towards the back door,” adding Pitt, “was like ‘Keep tight. Stay together.'”

brad pit attacker

brad pit attacker


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