Good News: “Borno School Girls Are Safe” Kidnappers Seek Ransom


A hostage negotiator who is allegedly in contact with the Boko Haram kidnappers of the over 200 Borno school girls, has reportedly revealed that their safe release is “within reach,” and that the terrorists are demanding a ransom.
The negotiator, who allegedly spoke with Channel 4 News, stated that although the girls are safe at the moment, that could change if the military attempts to launch a rescue mission. 
Stating  that the kidnappers want a ransom, the source said, “It would not be hard to engineer a deal. It looks like they want to release them.”
The source also revealed that rival factions within the terrorist group are arguing over what to do with the hostages, as the girls have been split into smaller separate groups, and taken to Chad and Cameroon and are being transported conspicuously.
“They have 220 captives and moving that many girls around cannot remain hidden. There is good, reliable, local knowledge as to their location. The military knows where they are,” said the source.

Posted by Asthon


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