Beyonce And Jay Z Hit The Beach For “Drunk In Love” Video [Updated]

Beyonce surprised the world with the release of her new self-titled “visual album” on Friday. As the music world comes to terms with the best kept secret of 2013 and attempts to understand how Beyonce pulled it off, more news trickles out of King Bey’s camp. For starters, the news that “Blow” and “Drunk In Love,” the latter featuring her hubby Jay Z, would be the first singles off Beyonce to hit radio was revealed, and slowly the music videos are making their way online.

“Drunk In Love” was produced by Detail and written by Beyonce, Jay Z, Timbaland, Detail, Andre Eric Proctor, Rasooz Diaz, Brian Soko and J-Roc, according to the production credits. In the video, one of 17 videos from her new visual LP, Beyonce and Jay Z hit the beach at night. Things get a little romantic.

The song is seemingly a naughtier continuation of her 2003 hit collaboration “Crazy In Love.” Watch below.

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